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Where to stay in South Bend: a guide to neighborhoods near Notre Dame

Hank Greene

Even though the season is still months away, it's never too early to start looking for home rentals for the 2019 season. But as fans start to look through our options, one question that comes up a lot is: where's the best place to stay?

The truth is, there's something to love about every one of South Bend's surrounding neighborhoods - it all just depends on what you're looking for...


Located just northeast of Notre Dame's campus, Granger is considered a near "suburb" of the South Bend area.

As you can likely guess with the "suburban" label, Granger is highly residential without much walkable food or entertainment, but as it's just a short distance to downtown South Bend, guests rarely are at a loss for things to do.

You'll find plenty of larger homes here for your whole group, and while at times that means the price points can be a bit higher, our customer service team is quick to point out that there are plenty of exceptions to the rule!


Located just south of Granger, the Mishawaka neighborhood offers guests options that - while generally not as upscale as Granger - are a bit closer to campus and have a bit more by way of surrounding entertainment.

From movie theaters, to the River Walk, to the nearby Potowatomi Zoo, and more - this neighborhood is perfect for budget travelers looking to make the most of their weekend in South Bend.


Downtown South Bend is a bustling area filled with great restaurants, bars, and activities - many of which we've already highlighted for fans:

Best restaurants in South Bend

Best bars in South Bend

7 activities to add to your South Bend itinerary

If you're staying close to the action in downtown South Bend, the best places to stay tend to be a little bit further from the city center itself, along with just west of the St. Joseph River.

These areas will keep you close to the action while allowing you to sneak away to the comfort of your private home at the end of the night...

Wooded Estates

Wooded Estates is sneakily one of the closest neighborhoods to Notre Dame - just a 15 minute walk to the stadium, and situated nicely within Twychkenham and Edison Rd.

It's also home to the famed "Backer Bar" (Linebacker Lounge Bar), and is close to the O'Rourke Public House, Rocco's Restaurant, and, of course, Touchdown Jesus and the Notre Dame campus.

Harter Heights/Northshore Triangle

Spanning the area from north Notre Dame Ave to the St. Joseph River between Angela Blvd and Howard St, the Harter Heights and the Northshore Triangle area is walkable, cozy, and close to campus.

It's home to many Notre Dame staff and professors, and it's a fantastic in-between option for those looking to find reasonable accommodations near the stadium - while also feeling close to other activities throughout the weekend.



Now that you know the neighborhoods... are you ready to get on your way?

We've got over 1,000 homes in South Bend available for weekend rental... and your next game day getaway is waiting for you!

Click below to begin looking at homes across the South Bend area, and find the perfect home for your team now:

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