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How do I price my home for a weekend rental? 

Hank Greene

You've taken your pictures, decided on your home's availability for the upcoming season - but then, just before you hit 'LIVE' on your listing, you realize you forgot one crucial step...

Determining your home's price for a weekend rental.

Sure, your home is priceless to you and your family - but with more than 4,000 homes on our site... how do you choose a price point that will ensure your home gets chosen?

At Rent Like A Champion, we've helped homeowners in 40 cities across the country market and rent their homes out to more than 70,000 fans since our launch in 2006.

Along the way, we've learned 4 key questions to answer when pricing your home for weekend rental...

How close is your home to the event?

Unsurprisingly, when fans are trying to rent homes for an event, distance is their top priority.

Generally speaking, homes that are less than 2 miles from the stadium or event venue tend to be the most sought-after, while homes that fall 2-5 miles are slightly less competitive.

Houses that are 5+ miles away tend not to attract as much attention for their proximity to a particular event. But, as you'll see below, there are plenty of other reasons for fans to love your home...

How big is your home?

We've serviced groups traveling with more than 15 people for gameday weekend, and fans put a premium on keeping their whole team together under one roof.

Often, fans will even be willing to stay further from their event just to make sure they have accommodations big enough for their entire group.

When filling out your listing, there are two factors for you to consider when conveying the size of your home:

  • How many bedrooms are in your house? And...
  • How many people can your home sleep?

While the first question is fairly standard for homeowners, the second one is a bit more complicated - after all, what exactly qualifies as a sleeping space?

Every platform will have their own policies, but our rule of thumb is as follows: king, queen, and double beds can sleep 2 guests, while couches, twins, and air mattresses provided by the homeowner can sleep 1.

But word to the wise... if renters don't feel like you honestly conveyed the proper size of your home, you could receive negative reviews (which obviously would scare away potential renters - regardless of listing price) or be asked to discount the stay.

Which brings us to...

How has your home performed in the past?

"The proof is in the pudding" as they say, so one of the most important things to consider when deciding on a price point is what your home, or homes like yours on our site, has been rented for in the past.

When sitting down to set your home's pricing for the upcoming season, look at past rental prices for a starting place. This includes when people actually booked your home - if your home was completely booked up by May, you may have a home that's a bit more in-demand, and may be able to price a little higher.

Additionally, take a look at your reviews on the site and consider any new features your home may have for the upcoming season (new extension, more parking, additional bedroom, etc.).

Finally, if you're new to Rent Like A Champion and haven't had a rental yet - make sure to take a look at homes similar to yours on the site and use those numbers as a reference point.

How important is the event?

Plain and simple: the bigger the game, the higher the price.

Many of our homeowners are fans and are up-to-date on the more important match-ups for their team in the upcoming season... but if you find yourself a bit in the dark - don't worry!

Our team is standing by to walk you through each event in your area, and can give you the most recent information on pricing, season outlooks, and how many fans are looking for homes like yours...

Give us a call at (855) BIG-GAME or via email at info@rentlikeachampion.com, or click below to set your home up for success this season!



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Hank Greene
Hank Greene

Hank Greene is the Content Strategist for Rent Like A Champion, where he writes about travel, college football, and RLAC's offerings across the country. He believes every college football stadium should sell footlong hot dogs, and that every tailgate should include pulled pork sandwiches.

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