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More than just football: All the ways to stay with Rent Like A Champion

Rent Like A Champion

At Rent Like A Champion, college football is our bread and butter.

But throughout the rest of the year, we're not just staring at the clock waiting for college football to kick off (though we're certainly doing that, as well) - we're helping guests get closer to the events that matter most to them.

Here are a few of the non-football events we specialize in outside of football...


Fans throughout the country have stayed with us during graduation weekend, as our service offers maximum flexibility, convenience, and cost-saving during what we know is an incredibly special weekend.

By staying in a Rent Like A Champion home you can...

  • Keep your entire family under one roof, simplifying the planning and transportation process as you navigate all of the different places you need to be throughout the weekend
  • Walk to the ceremony, avoiding parking and traffic to make sure you arrive on time
  • Save money (and time) by cooking at home so that you're not scrambling to make restaurant reservations for every meal throughout the weekend
  • Find affordable lodging, even when all of the hotels are booked up!

Check out this post on UniversityParent for more information about all the ways a commencement rental can help you throughout the weekend.


Speaking of special weekends... what if you could skip the stress of a hotel block, and offer friends and family the comfort of a home without breaking the bank?

If you're planning or attending a wedding in any of our locations across the country, reach out to our customer service team and let us help you plan out your accommodations.

We can find you homes close to the event location, and can even help book homes in the same vicinity to ensure that your group is able to travel to and from the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception with ease.

PGA Golf

If you're a golf fan traveling to see your favorite golfer, why book a hotel hours away from the tournament... when you could rent a home right on the course?

Over the past few years Rent Like A Champion has been helping fans, PGA event VIPs, and even professional golfers stay in homes close to the tournament - with concierge-level service throughout your stay.

To date, we've provided lodging during the John Deere Classic, Honda Classic, Arnold Palmer Invitational, the US Open, and even the 2017 Masters.

Stay tuned to our emails for more information coming soon about when these homes will be made available, or reach out to us at (855) BIG-GAME to get on your way now!

Youth Sports

These days, when you have a son or daughter involved in sports, between skills camps and out of town tournaments, there is lots of traveling to keep track of.

You'll drive hours for a weekend, arrive in the event location, and hope that the hotel you've booked is an easy drive from the event location - let alone that every other parent has done the same.

But what if you could book a house that fits 16-20, ensuring that your entire team could stay close to the tournament or camp location... all booked by a customer service team familiar with the area?

With summer coming up and the youth sports schedule starting to pick up steam, make sure to send us a message with your travel schedule to see if we have any homes in the areas you're traveling to!

Arts Festivals

Throughout the summer, college towns across the country play host to arts festivals that attract thousands of visitors each year... and Rent Like A Champion homes are the perfect way to experience everything these festivals have to offer.

With so much programming happening throughout any one of these events, staying close to the center of the action is vital to making sure you don't miss a thing.

Homes for the Central PA Arts Fest and the Ann Arbor Arts Fair are already up and available on the site, but always reach out to see if we have homes in your next festival location!

Special Event Presentations

Of course, even in the towns where college football is king... there are plenty of other sporting events that happen throughout the year.

Check out just a few of the events fans are booking for...

We update our site with plenty of new events that get added in any of our locations, so always make sure to check here first when traveling with a large group!

Custom Events

And don't forget! You can always choose your own dates and submit them to our hosts to create your own event at any of our 40+ locations throughout the country!

Whether you're coming into town for a reunion, bachelor/bachelorette party, or are just looking for a quick getaway to your alma mater, our homes will keep you close to the events that matter most - with comfortable homes you can depend on...

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