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Looking for free Notre Dame tickets? This vacation rental comes with 2 seats to the game!

Rent Like A Champion

Still waiting to get your tickets to the game? With Khalil's classic 4 bed, 2 bath home rental in South Bend, you're already covered...

"For every rental for a football weekend, we offer our guests two free tickets to the game they're going to, as well as two extra nights at our home," explains Khalil.

"Customers get a clean, pleasant, comfortable place close to Notre Dame that's professionally managed, along with this unique offer to add to their game day experience."

And what an experience it will be...


Khalil's home is just a 12 minute walk from the stadium, can accommodate up to 10, and has four parking spots made available to guests as soon as they arrive.

There's also a fully-equipped kitchen, plenty of comfortable places to relax around the home, and a fenced-in backyard with BBQ station for tailgating before heading to the game.


Plus, Khalil is quick to point out that with his management team nearby, "someone is always available to help out in case anything else is needed."

Having worked with Rent Like A Champion for the past 4 seasons, Khalil says he loves that the RLAC team makes it easy to create and manage his homes on the site, and provides exceptional customer service to hosts and guests alike.

And given that he used to teach business at Notre Dame, he appreciates that Rent Like A Champion shares his commitment to developing amazing relationships, and providing a great weekend getaway for guests.


"I'm taught Management for Notre Dame's Total Quality Management (TQM) for over 30 years, and I'm now applying what I used to teach to my retirement business with Rent Like A Champion," says Khalil.

"My team and I, with the help of Rent Like A Champion, want to delight our customers and provide them with a nice place to stay... so that they have a fantastic experience when they come cheer the Fighting Irish to victory."


Want to learn more about Khalil's home in South Bend? Click below, or begin looking through our more than 1,000 vacation rentals near Notre Dame Stadium now!

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