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Where to stay for a Penn State game day: an insider's guide to the State College area

Hank Greene

The Penn State football season is right around the corner, and if you're anything like the thousands of other fans across the country - you're getting your plans together for a trip to State College and are counting down the days until kickoff.

But with how sprawling the various neighborhoods of State College are (and with nearly 300 home rentals in State College to choose from with Rent Like A Champion), finding that perfect home can be tough.

Luckily, we have an overview of the surrounding State College areas below to help you in your search...

Park Forest Neighborhood

Park Forest is located directly west of campus, just a short drive from Bryce Jordan and the stadium - and is even walking distance if you stay along the eastern edge.

It's overwhelmingly residential, so if you're looking for something that will keep you close to shopping, restaurants, or nightlife just outside your door, then staying in University Park or right in State College proper might be better.

Still, the close proximity to the action keeps all that excitement in striking distance, while also giving you a quiet spot nearby to unwind in!


Located just a few miles southeast of campus, Boalsburg is one of the areas most storied and historic neighborhoods, offering guests plenty of extra fun throughout their stay.

Boalsburg is a bit of a drive from the campus area, but with amazing dining options at all price points, charming shopping, museums, and a Memorial Day celebration the likes of which you won't find anywhere - this neighborhood has everything you need to take your game day to the next level.

Port Matilda

This area is fantastic for those looking for larger accommodations, with tons of huge homes across the neighborhood. It's largely residential, though it does have some restaurants in the area if you're looking to grab food closer to home.

Because it's a bit further away from campus than the other neighborhoods on our list, you'll have to spend a bit more time on I-99 before getting to campus, however for families and large groups looking to stay together for the weekend, it's a great area to consider.

University Park

Encompassing the north end of the PSU campus as well as the Bryce Jordan Center and Beaver Stadium, it's hard to stay much closer to the action than in University Park.

While it can be hard to find home rentals available in this area (our options tend to book up quickly), anytime you can find a house that suits your need in this area, rest assured it's a great pick for the weekend.

You can walk easily both to the main points of campus, as well as to all of the bars and nightlife of the State College area just to the south of the main school's buildings.

Within State College...

If you're looking to stay right in the heart of State College, homes off of Atherton, Westerly Parkway and University Drive will give you the ability to walk to downtown State College bars and the south end of campus.

It's a bit more of a walk to the stadium, but of all of our neighborhood options it has the best nightlife and restaurant options for your trip - and is actually a very lovely walk to the stadium if your legs can take you there.


So, ready to put your new State College expertise to good use? Click below to start looking through all of our options near Penn State this season, and get on your way to game day now!

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